​Before the great job
​​there was a great ​resume​

Before the great job there was a great resume

​​​​Just wanted to send you an update with some great news - I am starting my new job with ... this coming Monday! Thanks for all your help. I'll fill you in on all of the exciting details of the last few months soon.​​ ​Sandy A.

A resume that sings

Is your resume h​elping you ​
​find a better job?

My name is Sharon Landis. ​I’m an executive ​resume writer​. ​

​​​Most of the people that I work with can ​​write​ a ​​resume​​​.​

​What they'd really like, and can'​t create, is a resume that sings​​​. ​

Does this resonate with you? ​

Perhaps you’ve hit a wall in your job search.

Or you have so much information that you don’t know where to start. 

Or you can’t quite express what you have to say.

Or... ​Enough of this!

Hand the problem of elevating your resume over to me.

I'll create the resume you need for this job search.​

​​​​After interviewing a great deal (including my top picks) over the summer months, I was offered a position and transitioned this fall. It worked out incredibly, because I was in a position to have my pick of jobs. I could not have done it without you, so thank you so much. Alexis S.

​​​​​Sharon has helped me to improve my resume 100 %, I had to spend just two months to get a job in Canada and even now I have been receiving job offers from Canada and US. I recommend 100 % to Sharon Landis. ​Daniel H.

​You're no ordinary candidate.
Perfect, ​​I'm no ordinary resume writer.

You're no ordinary candidate

The process runs smoothly, "like a well-oiled machine." Jim M.​

​I have a method.

We start with a conversation about your career. This takes place in-person in Etobicoke, or by phone. Follow-up conversations are by phone or email.

Typically when I start working with a client everything is jumbled together: contributions, skills, mundane tasks, and accomplishments.

I unpack and repack the bundle​, so that ​your story is fluid and supports your job search. ​

​Turnaround for a first resume draft is ​usually ​​3 days.

There's a short draft review.

​Then you receive the rest ​of your package​: cover letter(s), executive biography, and​ LinkedIn profile. 

During the process, this tends to happen.

When you change what you write about yourself, 
you change. 

​​​​Which fuels a job search like nobody's business.

Your fantastic work on my resume lit a fire in me today to check out postings. With your abilities, you've given me a confidence, a wonderful tool set to use for my career search and even some internal reflection / acknowledgement that I otherwise would not have had. Felise L.

​​​​​​Great resume! Thank you Sharon for providing an amazing experience. You made the process of reviewing and then providing a professional polished resume seem effortless. You were thoughtful with your suggestions and extremely efficient. I will certainly ​contact​ you in the future. ​Derek C.

​"Sharon, what kind of resumes have you written?"

The resume writing pen
  • IT professional services (information solutions, banking solutions, big data, machine learning, insights / analytics, cloud, e-commerce, logistics / supply chain, mobile, security, and more)

  • ​Finance, human resources, law

  • Pharmaceutical, healthcare (public & private)

  • Sales, marketing, retail, retail customer development, wholesale

  • Manufacturing, ​​city infrastructure (i.e. ​civil ​engineers), ​utilities, public services

  • Education, ​adult learning and instructional design

  • Fitness, fundraising, social enterprise, social justice

  • Film, television, ​journalism

​What's next?

Let's talk about what's happening in your job search and I'll explain how I can help.

Then you decide if you want to move forward.

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