​Before the great job
​​there was a great ​resume​

​​​​Just wanted to send you an update with some great news - I am starting my new job with ... this coming Monday! Thanks for all your help. I'll fill you in on all of the exciting details of the last few months soon.​​ ​Sandy A.

Is your resume h​elping you ​
​find a better job?

My name is Sharon Landis, I’m a professional resume writer and resume coach.

​​​Most people that I speak to ​​are able to write their own resume. After all, they are professionals.

​What they'd really like, and can'​t create, is a resume that sings​​​. ​ ​

Typically, ​they can’t ​​express what they have to say about themselves​​ in resume language.

On top of t​his, they have so much information that it's difficult to capture​ all of it, never mind organize​.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your resume ​isn’t sophisticated enough for the jobs you're after

  • The look & feel scre​ams "nothing to see here"

  • The writing style could be elevated - currently it’s canned, robotic, or not concise enough

  • The structure doesn’t tie everything together smoothly

  • Contributions don’t stand out from ​skills or tasks

  • Non-standard experience is omitted as it’s not clear how to include it

  • Submissions aren’t tailored to job postings

  • And the ever popular - ​modernization is required

Be that as it may, they take their resumes to market with a ​nagging feeling​ that a better resume would get better job search results.​​

Regardless, ​they ​get ​moving.

For some, things go better than ​planned​.

​For the rest, there's a ​long ​disappointing job search. ​  ​ ​

​​They do have in-demand skills and experience. ​But ​​they can’t communicate ​this to ​target employers​.

​Sure, ​​they can stay where they are, or take a less ​​than ideal job.

​But... ​and... but... but... and... ​

​​​​​​"​P​erfect doubt" about finding a better job ​sets in. 

This is exactly what I help people overcome.

​​​​After interviewing a great deal (including my top picks) over the summer months, I was offered a position and transitioned this fall. It worked out incredibly, because I was in a position to have my pick of jobs. I could not have done it without you, so thank you so much. Alexis S.

​​​​​Sharon has helped me to improve my resume 100 %, I had to spend just two months to get a job in Canada and even now I have been receiving job offers from Canada and US. I recommend 100 % to Sharon Landis. ​Daniel H.

I'll help you uncover and document
why you're no ordinary candidate 

I help clients write resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, executive ​biographies, value propositions, objective statements, and other application documentation.

And, at the same time, this happens:

When you change what you write about yourself, 
you change. 

Which fuels a job search like nobody's business.

The process runs ​smoothly, "like a well-oiled machine." Jim M.

Even though I specialize in a specific group of job seekers, you're all different.

And, ​all my clients feel like they are my only client.


I have a method. ​

Typically when I start working with a client everything is jumbled together: contributions, skills, mundane tasks, and accomplishments.

First we unpack the bundle.

Then we put your story back together, so that it's organized to support your job search.

Then, you'll be able to explain how you can help ​employers ​dealing with different scenarios.

We start with a conversation about your career​

This takes place in-person in Etobicoke, or by phone. Follow-up conversations are by phone or email.

Resume writing is in ​"Done For You" or "Done With You" format. When it makes sense,​ ​I use a mix of DFY and DWY.

DFY: I write and you give me feedback.

DWY: ​You write and I give you feedback.

Your fantastic work on my resume lit a fire in me today to check out postings. With your abilities, you've given me a confidence, a wonderful tool set to use for my career search and even some internal reflection / acknowledgement that I otherwise would not have had. Felise L.

​​​​​​Great resume! Thank you Sharon for providing an amazing experience. You made the process of reviewing and then providing a professional polished resume seem effortless. You were thoughtful with your suggestions and extremely efficient. I will certainly ​contact​ you in the future. ​Derek C.

​"Sharon, what kind of resumes have you written?"

  • IT professional services (information solutions, banking solutions, big data, machine learning, insights / analytics, cloud, e-commerce, logistics / supply chain, mobile, security, and more)

  • ​Finance, human resources, law

  • Pharmaceutical, healthcare (public & private)

  • Sales, marketing, retail, retail customer development, wholesale

  • Manufacturing, ​​city infrastructure (i.e. ​civil ​engineers), ​utilities, public services

  • Education, ​adult learning and instructional design

  • Fitness, fundraising, social enterprise, social justice

  • Film, television, ​journalism

Outside your comfort zone pays better​

​What's next?

Let's talk about what's happening in your job search and I'll explain how I can help.

Then you can decide if you want to move forward.

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