Before the great job,
there was a great resume

A new resume brings new possibilities

A new resume brings new opportunity

Need help with your resume, LinkedIn profile, or cover letter?

We are here to help

We are located in Toronto Canada, offering service globally. The list of industries and disciplines that we serve constantly evolves. Here’s a snapshot.

Auto Manufacturing: process expert
Consulting/Professional Services: accountant, financial consultant, human resources,  insights/analytics, cloud/information/financial solutions
E-commerce & cloud computing: supply chain strategist
Film, Television, News: producer, technical director, news editor, journalist
Media: digital advertising specialist
HVAC: senior manager
Infrastructure (bridges, foundations): civil engineer
IT: project manager, business analyst, software developer, architect
Miscellaneous: adult learning and instructional design, firefighter, fitness coach, fundraiser, social entrepreneur, construction business administrator
Mobile: electrical engineer
Numerous industries: cost accountant
Pharmaceutical/healthcare: chemical engineer
Public Healthcare: epidemiologist, nurse, pharmacist
Public Transit: electrician
Sales + Marketing: pharmaceutical, healthcare, mobile, information solutions, financial services, motorcycle/ATV/ snowmobile/marine, luxury travel, POS display, beverage retail customer development

Here are the most common requests that we receive.

  • Resume tailored to a job posting + cover letter + LinkedIn profile
  • Resume that speaks to your brand / captures your perspective [popular with Director to C-level]
  • Resume overhaul: cleanup, redesign, re-imagine, or from scratch with 20+ year’s experience
  • LinkedIn profile with personality, written in your voice
  • 1-page summary – the best of your best

You’ll receive a resume that’s an effective job search tool for your job search. In the process of creating your fresh new resume, we’ll take care of all the issues in your current resume.

  • Package everything into 2 – 2.5 pages without losing important information
  • Make you value clear by translating tasks into accomplishments and contributions
  • Explain the size of your contributions by including metrics

We aim to delight our clients. We understand this to mean …

Personal Service. Quality. The Ideal Client Experience.
And yes, we will speak to you in person

We’re a boutique service. All our work is custom, of the highest quality. We’ll discuss your career search with you, then design a package specifically for you.

Although quality is a difficult notion to describe, you know when you experience it. You’ll experience our personal service and quality from the first time you contact us. This often improves as we get to know you better. We like everything to be clear. First we’ll work with you to create a package for your job search. Before you purchase anything, you’ll receive a detailed invoice of what we’re going to deliver, the process, and cost.

You owe it to yourself to find out more

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